Say no to soil carbon markets @ COP17

Dear Friends,

Please find below a sign-on letter for African ministers and negotiators, challenging the threat of soil carbon markets at the upcoming UN climate negotiations in Durban.

The World Bank is pushing strongly for African countries to sign up to their model of “Climate Smart Agriculture”, and the dangerous idea that African agriculture and climate solutions should be funded by turning farms and soils into carbon offset projects.

Not only does this present a new land grab threat and yet another “false solution” for Africa and climate change, but carbon markets will fail to provide finance for Africa and agriculture. Instead they require massive public funds to set them up and keep them going. The only beneficiaries of soil carbon markets will be commodity speculators who trade in carbon offsets, and not farmers, food security, projects on the ground, or our climate.

We welcome your organisation’s sign-on, and we invite you to forward this letter to interested networks.

To sign on, please add your name, organisation and country to the form below.

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